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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers...

How young is too young for piano lessons?

While there is no specific age, I recommend age 5 as a good starting age for a child to begin piano lessons. By that time, their attention span, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills are developed enough to allow them to begin enjoying learning the piano. Attempting to teach piano lessons to a child younger than that can often cause frustration and leave the student with a bad experience.

I would love to take piano lessons, but I'm afraid I'm too old. Is it possible to learn at my age?

Piano lessons are for young and old alike! We don't stop learning as we age, and as a matter of fact, learning new skills helps keep our brains young and active! Don't let your age keep you from the enjoyment of learning a new skill and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

How much do piano lessons cost?

I charge $15 for piano lessons.

How long do piano lessons go for?

I schedule piano lessons for 30 minutes each. You can book a double time slot if there is availability if you think you or your child would like a longer lesson.

Can I take lessons during the summer?

Oh yes! I strongly encourage piano students to continue taking lessons throughout the summer. This prevents the student from losing the habit of practicing and keeps them focused on their musical development.

What if I forget my piano lesson?

I am happy to schedule a make-up lesson whenever possible. However, whether a lesson is made up or not, you are still responsible for payment for the missed lesson.

Will you come to my house to teach lessons?

No, I'm sorry, not at this time. My schedule and my 2 young children prevent me from teaching outside my home in Angola. I will, however, travel for weddings and corporate events to play the piano for those events because they are longer time periods and I will clear my schedule for those special occasions.

What kind of piano do I need to learn on?

Almost any kind of piano will do! It is best if you have your piano tuned regularly (at least once a year). An electronic keyboard will also do, however, some keyboards don't have pedals nor pressure sensitive keys, so some of the true piano experience will be lost.

Do you tune pianos?

No, I don't. However, I can recommend a good piano tuner upon request.

How much do you charge to play the piano for weddings, private parties, or corporate events?

I charge $125 per one hour of piano entertainment. Each additional hour is $100.

Who provides the piano when you play for weddings, private parties, or corporate events?

I prefer it if there is a tuned piano at the event, however, I will bring my own electronic piano for an additional fee if necessary.

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