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Piano for Weddings and Special Events

Looking for that “special touch?” A wonderful complement to any event is live, background, piano music. Whether you’re planning your wedding, throwing an anniversary party, having a holiday party, or you just want to give your dinner guests a little extra… why not set the mood with some live piano background musical entertainment?

Kate playing pianoAn array of classical pieces, original compositions, show tunes, old classics, contemporary and modern music, (and much more!) is the perfect way to accent your wedding or event's cocktail and/or dinner hour!

Rates: One hour of piano entertainment is $125.00, each additional hour is $100.00.

Areas: Kate is from the Eden, Angola, North Collins area, just south of Buffalo, NY. She will be glad to travel to your wedding or event located anywhere in the Buffalo or WNY area.

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Piano lessons are FUN!

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I DID it!

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